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WLD280 Series Solar Water Pump Inverter: Innovative Solutions by Bedford Electric

Guangzhou Bedford Electric Equipment Co., Ltd. has been a trusted name in the solar industry since 2003, specializing in solar water pump controllers and inverters. With a focus on delivering innovative solutions for stable water supply systems worldwide, Bedford Electric is committed to providing efficient and reliable inverter solutions. Their WLD280 Series Solar Water Pump Inverter is designed to optimize the performance of PV cells, ensuring efficient water pumping using stored water.

Single-phase and three-phase compatibility

Bedford Electric understands the diverse needs of users worldwide. The WLD280 Series Solar Water Pump Inverter is designed to support both single-phase and three-phase power systems, providing flexibility in installation and compatibility with a wide range of water pump configurations. Whether you require a single-phase or three-phase solution, Bedford Electric has you covered.

Power Range: 0.75 kW to 200 kW

The WLD280 Series Solar Water Pump Inverter offers a wide power range, starting at 0.75 kW and going up to 200 kW.This extensive range ensures that users can find the right inverter to meet their specific water pumping requirements, whether it’s for small-scale residential applications or large-scale commercial installations. With Bedford Electric’s reliable and high-performance inverter solutions, you can achieve an efficient and stable water supply system.


With the WLD280 Series Solar Water Pump Inverter, Bedford Electric continues to be a leader in providing innovative solutions for water pumping applications. Choose Bedford Electric for your solar water pump inverter needs and experience the benefits of advanced technology and superior performance. Contact us today for the most suitable solution tailored to your specific requirements.

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