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What is the ST position in Football – Do Rookies Know?

The ST position plays an important role in the football team. So do crazy football fans clearly understand the role, tasks and requirements of this key position? Follow New88today website for an overview of ST, guys!

Explain the concept of ST in football in detail

If you are an avid football fan, you probably know that the ST position is the center forward. The striker also has the English name Striker. And the pure Vietnamese name is the center forward on the football field. Indeed, this position plays an extremely important role in the team.

Center strikers will play in high areas of the attack and rarely contribute to their team’s defense. Similar to other positions in this sport, strikers are also divided into two types: left wing (LS) and right wing (LR).

The role of the ST position in the match

Why do we think ST holds the key responsibility on the field of play? Let’s refer to some useful information compiled from experts.

Make stunning goals against your opponents

The main responsibility of the striker is to create beautiful kicks into the opponent’s net. They must be able to find gaps in the opponent’s defense and take advantage of opportunities to put the ball into the opponent’s net.

Create scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates

ST needs to know how to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates. They can make passes, coordinate and move to open up space for other teammates to bring about a huge number of final goals.

Attack and apply pressure

The ST position plays an important role in attacking and creating pressure on the opponent’s defense. ST must always continue to attack, run and create pressure to make the opponent lose confidence and have difficulty keeping the ball.

Keep the ball and share the ball with teammates

ST needs to be able to keep the ball and share the ball with his teammates. They can hold the ball to wait for support from teammates, or pass the ball to teammates in a more favorable position to create scoring opportunities.

Attack the opponent’s defense

The ST position also has another important task which is to participate in attacking and defending the opponent. They can help create chaos in the opponent’s defense by running and dragging defensive players. At the same time, it opens up space for other teammates to attack.
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Participate in defensive plays

Although the ST’s main task is to attack, they also need to participate in defense when necessary. They can help the team in deep spin, shouldering the task of tracking and blocking the opponent’s attacks.

Factors to become a top ST

As mentioned, the striker is the “trump card” in a football match. Therefore, they must meet the basic requirements, specifically as follows:

Excellent personal technique

Players in the ST position need to have excellent personal technique. This includes good ball control and touch, skill in controlling the ball, passing and kicking.

Speed ​​and power

To create a threat in attack and running, ST players need to possess speed and strength. They need to be able to quickly run into favorable positions to receive the ball and create scoring opportunities.

Understand your duties and roles

ST players need to clearly understand their position and role in the team’s tactical system. They need to know how to move, find space, run and create chaos in the opponent’s defense.

Superior scoring skills

The important requirement of a player in the ST position is the ability to score goals. They must be able to complete scoring opportunities and know how to exploit gaps in the opposition’s defense.

Excellent coordination and communication ability

ST not only “fights” alone, but also needs to coordinate with fellow players. They need to be able to communicate and coordinate well to create effective passes and attack plans.

The ST position must be skillful in reading the match 

The striker needs to be able to read the game and make accurate judgments about the opponent’s position and actions. This helps them create attack opportunities and take advantage of the opponent’s mistakes.

Outstanding leadership spirit

ST is often one of the important and prominent players in the squad. They need to have a leadership spirit to motivate the team and inspire other players in important situations.

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