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Unveiling Blovedream’s Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader – N41U

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and innovation, Blovedream stands out as a prominent player in the field of mobile data terminals. Since its inception in 2008, Blovedream has been committed to providing customers across various industries with convenient, reliable, and versatile industrial-grade PDA products. Among their impressive product line, the “Blovedream Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader N41U” takes the spotlight.

Exploring the Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader N41U

One of Blovedream’s remarkable offerings is the “Blovedream Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader N41U.” This versatile device boasts a high-performance UHF industrial-grade handheld terminal, ideal for various applications across industries. Let’s delve deeper into what makes this product exceptional:

Powerful Performance and Accurate Scanning

The N41U is equipped with an ultra-high frequency UHF module, capable of reading and writing RFID tags accurately at an impressive distance of up to 11 meters. This device excels at scanning various barcodes, including one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes, even in challenging conditions. With a high-performance chip recognition rate, it effortlessly handles incomplete, damaged, or distorted codes.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

The ergonomic design of the N41U ensures a comfortable grip, making it easy to handle for extended periods. This design is a testament to Blovedream’s commitment to user experience. Moreover, it supports multiple connectivity options, such as 4G full network data communication, dual-frequency WiFi, and Bluetooth, ensuring seamless data transfer.

Built to Last in Rugged Environments

Blovedream understands the importance of durability in demanding work environments. The N41U boasts an IP65 industrial-grade protection, making it waterproof, dust-proof, and resistant to falls from heights of up to 1.2 meters. This robust design ensures that the N41U can perform reliably in challenging conditions.


Blovedream, a distinguished Bluetooth UHF RFID reader manufacturer, delivers innovative and reliable solutions for various industries. The “Blovedream Bluetooth UHF RFID Reader N41U” is a testament to their commitment to quality and performance. With a focus on accuracy, durability, and user experience, Blovedream’s products are the ideal choice for businesses seeking top-tier RFID solutions.

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