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How to play New88 cockfighting to win money from the house for new players

For new players just getting their feet wet in cockfighting betting, How to play New88 cockfighting Winning money from the house is an extremely important secret that everyone wants to learn to save time and increase their winning percentage. So what are you waiting for, take a look right posts How to play New88 cockfighting Win money from the house for our new players to become an online cockfighting expert.
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What are the benefits of playing cockfighting at New88?

Choosing a reputable bookmaker to play cockfighting is extremely important for a new player. When you come to New88 to bet on cockfighting, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Safety and reliability are the key factors that make New88’s name. As a bookmaker under M.A.N Entertainment – a large betting corporation headquartered in Manila (Philippines) and with server systems located abroad, New88 commits that players never have to worry about legal risks such as when coming to traditional casinos.

You can play all New88 games on a computer or phone with an internet connection. New88’s website and application are compatible with most smart devices so players can play anytime, anywhere.

Betting and cockfighting online, players have the opportunity to win real money and receive a series of attractive promotions and offers from the house. New88’s bets and odds are also extremely diverse for you to choose from.

Players can also watch cockfighting matches live streamed from world-famous cockfighting arenas with the highest image and sound quality. Every week and every month, New88 has super attractive discount programs and incentives for bettors.

How to play New88 cockfighting to win money from the house for new players

Cockfighting is a simple game but winning is not easy. If you are a new player and do not have much experience winning money from the house, immediately refer to the following tips:

How to play New88 cockfighting – Choose the appropriate form of cockfighting betting

Before betting, you need to clearly understand the different forms of cockfighting to know which way of playing suits you best:

  • American cockfights: American cockfights are often very dramatic and intense because the fighting cocks are all big, strong and good fighting American chicken breeds.
  • Cockfighting with knife spurs: The cocks are all equipped with sharp spurs, helping to knock out the opponent after just one kick, so the matches usually take place quite quickly.
  • Peruvian cockfighting: Peruvian chickens are often aggressive, so the matches are always very exciting. In addition, this form of cockfighting also has higher odds than usual.
  • Cockfighting: This form of betting is not very popular, but if you want a change of pace, this is not a bad choice.

How to play New88 cockfighting – Choose the standard bet

Choosing the standard bet is also How to play New88 cockfighting Winning money from the house is shared by many players. To make the right choice, players must spend a lot of time learning about fighting cocks. This action is similar to “checking the odds” when betting on soccer. You can consider a promising cock based on the following factors:
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  • The neck and head are dark red, showing that the cock is very strong. On the contrary, if the head and neck are pale, there is a high possibility that the cock’s health is not guaranteed.
  • If a fighting cock has the phenomenon of being pressed into feces, no matter how big and strong it is, players should not put much hope.
  • A cock with a good fighting spirit, just waiting to pounce on his opponent, is probably more promising than a chicken that just walks around aimlessly, not ready to fight.
  • Long legs are not necessarily an advantage because, according to some experienced players, fighting cocks easily consume physical strength, making it difficult to perform fatal kicks when they have “sagging” legs.
  • A chicken of moderate age, not too old or too young, is said to have high fighting efficiency.

How to play New88 cockfighting – Based on the achievement table

Relying on the performance table is also a good cockfighting betting experience for new players. Before the match takes place, New88 always lists the full competition history and ranking of that cock. Players can rely on this to choose standard bets and win money from the house.


The above is How to play cockfighting New88 Win house money for new players that we want to share with you. Hopefully these useful experiences can help you apply them in practice and win big when betting at New88. Good luck.

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