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Euro 2024 Football Odds – Latest Information and Comments

Football fans around the world are certainly waiting for Euro football odds when the tournament is only nearly 9 months away. The Euro 2024 qualifiers have also gradually found the first names to participate in the final round. Besides, there is relevant information about the format and schedule of the competition, and identification of potential giants of the final round. Fans please come along mb66 Learn and evaluate this tournament through the article below.

Summary of Euro 2024 football odds

For fans around the world, Euro soccer odds are always one of the most well-received information. This is the championship tournament of European countries, home to the strongest football teams in the world. Organized for a long time with high professional quality, this tournament attracts a lot of attention in many different countries and territories. Every 4 years, the final round with the best teams will take place, bringing a wonderful football party to viewers.

Competition format of Euro 2024

Judging by the Euro soccer odds regarding the competition format, next year’s tournament will still be held the same as before. The 24 best teams will pass the qualifying round and advance to the final round.

The 6 groups will be divided equally into 4 teams, the best and second best names of each group will get tickets to play in the knockout round. In addition, the 4 teams ranked 3rd in each group will gain the right to play in the Knock Out round.

In the 1/8 match, there will be a random draw when the winner of one group plays against the runner-up of the other group or against the 3rd team from the lower bracket. The quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals will still be played similarly to previous tournaments.

For the qualifying format, except for the home team, all remaining countries must be divided into 10 groups. Including 4 groups of 5 teams and 6 groups of 6 teams, the 5-team groups all have the presence of the number 1 seed, which is the team that reached the semi-finals of the Nations League.

All will compete in a round robin and the two best teams will get tickets to the final round. The remaining 3 Play Off tickets will be a competition between 12 high-achieving teams in the Nations League divided into 3 groups. The best team in each group will get the final 3 tickets to Germany.

Updated Euro 2024 final match schedule

According to information from the host country, Euro 2024 football odds will be held from June 14, 2024 to July 14, 2024. The remaining 23 teams that qualify to participate in the final round will be drawn into groups in December 2023, in which the German team will be the default seed of Group A. A total of 10 stadiums will hosting the matches of the Euro 2024 finals, of which 9 stadiums once hosted the 2006 World Cup.

Home team Germany will play the opening match on June 14, 2024. Meanwhile, the two best teams will play the final match at Berlin’s Olympiastadion stadium with a capacity of 70,000 spectators on July 14, 2024. All 51 matches of Euro 2024 football odds will be played within 1 month.
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Update ongoing matches at Euro 2024

At this time, Euro 2024 football odds are having extremely interesting developments in the qualifying round. Some groups have determined the first names to continue or be eliminated. Almost all the big guys are getting their own advantages. Let’s take a look at some outstanding information about the qualifying round below.

The first names move on

The first two teams that have definitely qualified for Euro 2024 are France and Portugal. The French team is in Group B where strong teams such as the Netherlands, Greece or Ireland are present.

However, the 2022 World Runner-up did not take too long to get a ticket to the final round. They won a full 15 points after 5 matches and ranked first in Group B.

Meanwhile, the Portuguese team is in Group J with 6 teams. The lack of many annoying opponents made it easy for Ronaldo and his teammates to qualify. They got a full 18 points after 6 rounds.

Developments in the qualifying groups

In the remaining groups, some teams also have certain advantages such as Scotland and Spain in Group A. England in Group C and Turkey in Group D. Belgium in Group F also The chances of continuing are very high. Only a few big players like Italy or the Netherlands are still having difficulties in their groups.

Comment on the upcoming matches of the Euro qualifiers

The French team easily dominated Group B

The next match of the Euro qualifiers will be played according to the FIFA Day schedule in November. Some notable matches of the Euro football handicap include Ukraine vs Italy. This match will decide the remaining ticket to continue to the final round of Group C. In addition, the match between Finland and Northern Ireland in Group H can also bring fans many surprises.

Evaluation of Euro 2024 football odds in Germany

To evaluate and assess the Euro 2024 football odds taking place next year in Germany, fans will need to look at the actual situation of each team. Especially the big guys who hope to win the championship, their matches are even more interested in bookmakers. The number of people participating in betting and betting on important matches of Euro 2024 is also not small.

Is the home team highly appreciated?

First of all, for a big tournament like the Euro, the home team is always highly appreciated, moreover, Germany will host this tournament. That’s why many fans have great expectations for the German team’s Euro football odds.

However, the tank in recent major tournaments is performing very poorly. They have continuously been eliminated early in both the World Cup as well as the Euro in recent periods. It’s clear that German football is going downhill after many years of great success. They do not have a good enough selection of players compared to the rest of their competitors.

Euro soccer odds for other teams

The story of Euro soccer betting competing for the championship at this time is being mentioned by giants like France, England and Portugal. Although the Italian team is the defending champion, their performance is very erratic and is even at risk of not being able to participate.

Meanwhile, the three giants mentioned above are all in extremely high form, with good enough personnel quality and depth. Their performances in some recent tournaments and the recent Euro qualifiers are the clearest proof.

Summary of Euro 2024 football odds

Euro 2024 soccer odds are really heating up as the qualifying series is about to end. Which are the best names present in the final round will be revealed. Let’s come alongMB66 learn about the informationbet Latest Euro football right here.

Euro 2024 odds in Asian style

Asian Handicap, also known asHandicap is the most popular type of betting, accounting for the majority of participants. And of course at Euro 2024, Asian odds are indispensable. This time, Asian odds provide you with all the common genres and predictions with many new forms.

Euro 2024 odds are European style

After Asia, we cannot lack the European handicap, the main character of this tournament.European odds At Euro 2024, there are expected to be many attractive changes for you guys, especially extremely attractive betting odds. Please join MB66 to wait for the latest information about this bet.

Over/under odds

Over/under odds are also of special interest to everyone at this tournament. In addition, this time’s over/under odds are also evaluated and analyzed in great detail by our experts.

Information about Euro 2024 football odds is compiled and continuously updated by the MB66 editorial board. So please always follow the website to receive the latest comments.

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