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Enhance Sorting Precision with Easyweigh’s Rotating Trays Weight Grader

Easyweigh Equipment Co., Ltd introduces the Rotating Trays Weight Sorter, an advanced solution designed to streamline the sorting process and enhance precision in weighing a variety of foods. This automatic weight sorting machine simplifies and automates the categorization of products based on their weight.

Versatility in Sorting

The Rotating Trays Weight Grader is engineered to handle a diverse range of food items, making it a versatile solution for the food industry. From fruits and vegetables to poultry (such as chicken legs, wings, and pieces), seafood (including sea cucumber, giant squid, squid slices, abalone, small fish, and shrimp), Chinese herbs, egg yolk, and irregular materials, this automated sorting machine offers wide-ranging applications.

Efficient Weight Grading

The machine’s rotating trays and advanced technology ensure efficient weight grading, even for softer, thinner, and more viscous items. This versatility in weight grading allows businesses to achieve precise sorting results across various product types, contributing to enhanced quality control.

Simplified Sorting Process

Experience the convenience and efficiency of Easyweigh’s Rotating Trays Weight Grader, which simplifies the sorting process for businesses. The automated categorization based on weight reduces manual intervention, optimizing productivity and ensuring a consistent and reliable sorting outcome.

Innovative Technology

Easyweigh’s commitment to innovation is evident in the design and functionality of the Rotating Trays Weight Grader. Businesses can trust this solution to deliver not only precision in sorting but also operational efficiency.


The Rotating Trays Weight Grader from Easyweigh Equipment Co., Ltd emerges as a cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking to enhance sorting precision and streamline their operations. Embrace the future of automated sorting technology with Easyweigh and elevate your productivity.

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