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Enhance Efficiency and Quality with SZJ Automation’s Factory Line Solutions

Modern appearance inspection machines are just one of the comprehensive solutions that SZJ Automation excels at presenting among its inventive products. These machines ensure excellent performance on industrial lines with their high capacity, remarkable yield rates, minimal failure rates, and accurate CD detection.


High Capacity and Exceptional Yield Rates for Increased Productivity

SZJ Automation’s appearance inspection machines are designed to operate at high capacity, with a minimum rate of 200 parts per minute (PPM). This high-speed capability enables businesses to achieve faster production cycles and meet demanding market demands. Additionally, the equipment boasts exceptional yield rates of at least 99.8%, ensuring that the majority of products pass the rigorous inspection process, minimizing waste and maximizing output.

Low Failure Rates and Precise CD Detection Accuracy for Reliable Performance

SZJ Automation’s appearance inspection machines are engineered with a focus on reliability. The equipment boasts a low failure rate of no more than 2%, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted production. Furthermore, the machines deliver precise CD detection accuracy of up to ±0.1mm, allowing for meticulous inspection and adherence to strict quality standards.


SZJ Automation’s factory line solutions empower businesses to enhance efficiency and quality in their manufacturing processes. The appearance inspection machines offered by SZJ Automation deliver high capacity, exceptional yield rates, low failure rates, and precise CD detection accuracy. By leveraging these advanced solutions, businesses can optimize their factory lines, increase productivity, and maintain stringent quality control.

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